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Innovative AGV solutions

Start automating

Innovative AGV solutions


Is your organization ready for a new approach to internal logistics processes?

With our AGVs, you have the entire process flawlessly and completely under control!

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AGV International

At AGV International, we believe in the power of automation to tackle modern problems. Automation is often not only a convenient efficiency boost, but sometimes even a necessity to solve problems such as staff shortages.

We are a family business that has been automating internal logistics processes since 2008. The application possibilities are endless, so we have already experienced many diverse situations. The quality of technology is growing exponentially, therefore we believe that automation is the way-to-go for the future. 'We All Automate' is therefore our credo. 


We all Automate

De kracht van Automated Guided Vehicles

Dat volledige automatisering van magazijnen en distributiecentra uiteenlopende kansen biedt voor uw logistieke processen is een feit. Om dat te kunnen realiseren geloven wij bij AGV International in de kracht van onze automated guided vehicles. Onze AGV’s kunnen zich volledig geautomatiseerd voortbewegen binnen uw magazijn of distributiecentrum, nemen zwaar en repetitief werk uit handen en zorgen voor een enorme efficiëntieslag.

Wilt u meer weten over onze type AGV’s, het implementatieproces of in welke sectoren wij ervaring hebben?


Highest possible storage capacity

Space costs money and therefore it is necessary to use that space in the best possible way. Thanks to our compact storage systems in combination with our AGVs, your logistic process achieves the highest possible capacity. A good example of this is the iCUBE. Conventional warehouses often have many (wide) aisles between the racks so that operators can store the pallets.

This comes at the cost of valuable space. The iCUBE changes this process completely. The pallets are dropped off by AGVs at the inbound and the iCUBE takes care of everything else. A completely compact autonomous storage system operated by means of Vertical Transporters and 3D shuttles! To make this inbound and outbound process even smoother, you can, for example, have the pallets picked up by a Counterbalanced AGV at the loading docks.

You achieve optimal storage capacities from the existing or newly built space with fewer operators on the floor.

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The iCUBE is an innovative warehouse automation solution designed with flexibility and modularity in mind. What sets the iCUBE apart from other warehouse automation systems is the fact that it offers the advantage of full automation while using fewer machines than other systems.

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Feeding the world in a fair and sustainable method, that is what LiveKindly is committed to every day. In terms of taste and experience, they are no longer inferior to animal products, but price-wise there are certainly steps to be taken.

Automation has proven to be a good step for this purpose. Before the implementation of AGVs, the production of vegetable meat substitutes was very labor intensive. Labor is expensive and so is production. With the implementation of the AGV system, the overhead of internal logistics has been reduced in cost, making vegetable meat substitutes accessible to even more people.

This process has even more implications. Find out how AGV International created this value for LiveKindly.


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