Automated Guided Vehicles


Automated Guided Vehicles

What are Automated Guided Vehicles?

It is increasingly common for warehouses to be fully automated. This is achieved through the use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), among other things. AGVs are devices that move through a warehouse or distribution centre in a fully automated way. AGVs take the heavy work off your hands, making forklifts, for example, unnecessary. With AGVs, you also realise a higher level of safety, as the vehicles are automated because they can operate very accurately via a software and multiple sensors. AGVs, especially in combination with shuttles, can also ensure optimal storage capacity.

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What can AGVs be used for?

You can use AGVs in your warehouse in various ways. In particular, it serves to move large quantities of materials smoothly. For example, AGVs can move materials from receiving to warehouse. You can set this up as a constant process, eliminating the need to use staff for these repetitive operations. At AGV International, we also offer you the option of combining AGVs with shuttles. With this combination, you are another step closer to full automation of your warehouse. 

How exactly does such a combination work? The AGV picks up the shuttles completely autonomously, drives them to the right channel and places them at the first pallet position. After this, the autonomous shuttle takes the pallet to its exact final destination. 

Read here about AGVs and shuttles.  

The building blocks of our AGV solutions

High storage capacity

AGV International helps you achieve high storage capacity. With an AGV system, we can store and retrieve countless pallets for you autonomously.

Reduction in litigation costs

Our aim is to achieve a significant and direct reduction of your process costs during the realisation of each AGV solution on the basis of transparent prior agreements.

Customisation as standard

We like to think along with you. Thus, we visit your company and discuss your wishes and objectives, and tailor our design accordingly.

Services and guarantees

We assure you of great service. After the installation process, we carefully test everything to make sure everything works. After this, we hand the system over to your operators. After they have received thorough training, of course.

Four types of AGVs

Towing Line

Een pragmatische oplossing voor autonome trolley transporten.

Tractor Line

Dit zijn echte zwaargewichten in autonome trolley transporten.

Platform Line

Geschikt voor compacte omnidirectional transporten.

Forks Line

U kunt autonome pallettransporten met grote hoogtes genereren.

In which industry do these AGVs add value?

AGVs are ideally suited for implementation in various industries. At AGV-International, our experience includes implementing AGVs in various industries. Our AGVs can transport heavy products to various locations in your warehouse without error. They do this flawlessly and accurately, ensuring a high level of safety. 

This allows your employees to perform other work that is essential to your organisation, as the AGVs take on the heavy repetitive handling.

Food industry

Food can be moved quickly, with a limited margin of error.

Manufacturing industry

Products are accurately moved and compactly stored.

Flower industry

In the flower industry, flowers can be moved in large numbers.

Automotive industry

AGVs can easily move heavy vehicles or tools.

Implementation process

First phase

All requests are handled confidentially and carefully and followed up as soon as possible.

Using the drawings, we can check the technical possibilities and formulate a possible solution in advance.

During our site visit, the client's process is analysed to get a sharp sense of what we need to consider.

We draw in the warehouse so that we can make a clear and concrete estimate to calculate how many AGVs will be needed.

Once the calculations have been made, we provide an initial quotation.

Second phase

We discuss everything in the quotation, for example: pricing, number of AGVs, calculation and charging stations.

To check, we measure all distances between columns one more time and are happy to answer all your questions.

Together with you, we will ensure that an implementation team is appointed so that the installation of the AGVs runs smoothly.

With Factory Acceptance Tests, we check all technical functionalities and specifications of the system.

After the FAT, the AGVs are delivered to your warehouse by special transport.

Third phase

We install the software, hang the reflectors and install and in-learn pallet positions.

We use the Site Acceptance Test for a final check of the agreements made beforehand and the feasibility that the AGV system must meet.

For an indefinite period, one employee of AGV International is present to monitor proper operation.

After babysitting is the official handover, from now on you are the official owner of the AGV system. 

We will draw up an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with you, which will take care of the service and maintenance of the AGVs through pre-agreed KPIs.  

The future vision of AGVs

Especially in our current times, AGVs really are the future. There are more vacancies than jobseekers, creating a tight labour market. AGVs partly take over the work of staff, but at the same time they cannot do without their support. In the future, a good balance will have to be found here, in which staff are given much more opportunity to specialise and to add value to an organisation in various other ways. 

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Would you like to work with us to see how implementing AGVs can bring sustainable benefits to your organisation?

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Managing Director AGV International B.V.
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