Bredabest prepares for the future with AGV shuttles and reach trucks from AGV International

In partnership with UniCarriers, AGV International delivers an AGV solution consisting of over 6,000 pallet positions, 2 reach truck AGVs and 3 AGV shuttles to Bredabest.

Bredabest has been in existence since 1996 and was initially a trading company active in the import and distribution of nuts and dried tropical fruits,' says Pieter Stienen, CEO of Bredabest. 'Since then, Bredabest has developed into a leading organisation in Europe in supplying both raw groundnuts and semi-finished products to the peanut processing industry. To this end, we have two production sites in the Netherlands where semi-finished products are produced and then supplied to the chocolate, snack, biscuit and satay industries,' says Pieter.

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'Innovation is a high priority for us. Over four years ago, we started producing small packs, responding to a new development. Our consumer products fit into a healthy and varied diet. Peanut products fit perfectly into the new diet as advised by The World Health Organization, which is mainly based on nuts and vegetables. We expect strong growth especially in this segment and this has therefore been the biggest reason to further optimise our process.'

‘Via-via, Tom Broeder from AGV International got in touch with us,’ says Pieter. 'Tom had a good story and convinced us of this AGV solution. After talking to several parties, it was finally AGV International that appealed to us the most, based on price as well as on feeling and experience.'

'The AGV system will make a major contribution to achieving optimal safety for employees, maximum utilisation of storage capacity and lowering the cost price of our products through, among other things, savings in FTEs. In addition, the maintenance costs of the AGVs are attractive, as are the much lower wear and tear and thus longer lifespan compared with regular forklifts. At the same time, there will be much less damage and we can run the AGVs on green electricity generated by the approximately 1,000 solar panels installed on the roof of our new building.

‘All this means that this AGV system will contribute greatly to the realisation of our business objectives,’ Pieter says. 'Engaging AGVs is part of a very big project. We are realising new construction to prepare for the future. Partly due to the arrival of our new AGV system, we are very confident about this!'


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AGV international - eigenaar - Tom - Broeder
Tom Broeder
Managing Director AGV International B.V.

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AGV international - eigenaar - Tom - Broeder
Tom Broeder
Managing Director AGV International B.V.