Hoogst mogelijke opslag capaciteit

Intelligent Storage System


The most flexible and cost-effective AS / RS


The iCUBE is an innovative warehouse automation solution designed with flexibility and modularity in mind.

What sets iCUBE apart from other warehouse automation systems is the fact that it offers the advantage of full automation while using fewer machines than other systems.

The iCUBE manages all pallet movements using only 3D carriers and lifts. All machine and pallet movements are automatically controlled using our advanced Warehouse Control Software (WCS).


One of the main advantages of an iCUBE automated warehouse is safety, both compared to forklift-operated warehouses, as well as large automated crane systems using heavy machinery.

Safety zones can be configured in the iCUBE, so that 3D carriers can continue to perform tasks perform tasks in the rest of the warehouse, while there are no 3D carriers in a particular zone of the warehouse.
Automated - guided - vehicles - icube - veiligheid
Automated - guided - vehicles - icube - maximaal - ruimtegebruik
3D carriers

Maximum use of space

The Logiqs 3D carriers and lifts as well as the X-tracks (tracks between aisles for the 3D carriers) are extremely compact, and have a low impact on the overall storage capacity of the warehouse.

The Logiqs software also enables all picking strategies, taking into account full use of available storage lanes. Our software can also be configured to automatically reorganise lots in downtime, so that pallets are already prepared for dispatch without user input.

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