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Feeding the world in a fair and sustainable method is what LiveKindly is committed to every day. By offering a variety of vegetarian and vegan products, they contribute to reducing emissions, pollution and, of course, unnecessary animal suffering. In doing so, LiveKindly is strongly committed to preserving our planet. To make these plant-based variants attractive to as many people as possible, there is still some work to be done. In terms of taste and experience, they are no longer inferior to animal products, but in terms of price, there is certainly still room for improvement.

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The path to efficiency and accessibility in the plant-based food industry

To also compete on price, automation has proved to be a good step. Before the implementation of AGVs, the production of plant-based meat substitutes was hugely labour-intensive. Labour is costly and therefore so is production. With the implementation of the AGV system, the overhead of internal logistics has been reduced in cost price, making plant-based meat substitutes accessible to even more people.

It was not only cost price reduction that played a role in this choice. The site where AGV International took care of the logistics automation is in Oss. Project manager at LiveKindly, Arjan van Bergen, says: ‘There is a lot of employment in this region, the demand for labour actually exceeds the supply. So this needed to be dealt with creatively and this solution was found in automated transports."

Mapping process

LiveKindly had no experience with AGVs before, but had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve with them. After talking to several providers, they chose AGV International. One of the main reasons for this was AGV International's approach. LiveKindly is a relatively young company and there is no in-house expertise in the field of automation, which is why it is very important to LiveKindly that the provider is also a true partner.
The needs, plans and ideas for the site kept changing, partly because AGV International was involved early in the process. By constantly staying in tune and maintaining a flexible attitude, a suitable solution was created for every situation.

The process from drawing board to actual delivery is not always smooth, but this is part of the process. Arjan says: ‘It can take some time to implement AGVs correctly, but the result is well worth the wait! After all, when the system is operational, it keeps working constantly. During this process, all stakeholders were kept informed and our expectations were also well managed."

‘Human error is decreasing and the error rate of the AGVs is close to zero.’

Arjan van Bergen - LiveKindly

Chain optimisation

Implementing AGVs is a long-term investment and aims to optimise internal transports. This is due to a number of factors. For example, more can be stored in the same space because aisles become narrower and storage can be arranged as efficiently as possible. Also, virtually nothing goes wrong during internal transport, saving serious costs.

The AGV system also offers another possibility to scale up if needed in a flexible way. There are currently three AGVs driving around taking care of all internal logistics. These three autonomous stackers take care of everything, but are not yet at the top of their capacity, something that is a possibility in the future. In addition, multiple AGVs can always be used to increase any production, something that is not so easy in a traditional warehouse. This flexibility with the vision for growth is important, but for LiveKindly, flexibility also played a big role. The current premises are rented, but should they move to other premises, the whole system can move with them.

A final optimisation effort is made in terms of user-friendliness and maintenance. AGV International does not build custom-built AGVs for every project, but uses standard models wherever possible, which they can adapt to almost any situation. This makes maintenance easier and makes any spare parts more readily available. Arjan van Bergen says the following about this: "If I need parts today, I can sometimes get them the same day. If something is custom-made, I either have to have a lot in stock or wait a very long time. That no longer works in today's world."

Universal and effective

The implementation of AGVs is not industry-specific and can therefore be used universally. Have you become curious about what it can do for your organisation? Or do you have other questions around optimising a warehouse?


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