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About us

About AGV International

AGV International is committed to positioning itself as the most flexible -and transparent AGV family business in the Netherlands. 

Mobile Automation is an important development within internal transport. It lays the foundation for a sustainable future. Technological progress enables us to design more and more applications to work faster, more carefully and more efficiently. Behind this automation there is much more than you might think. AGV International automates everything that adds value for customers. From organizing internal logistics as efficiently as possible to arranging storage capacity as optimally as possible.

We all automate

Customization as standard, that's why we are not industry-bound. Wherever transport of pallets, boxes or crates is required, we feel like a fish in the water. Our customer base includes various production companies, logistics service providers and food-related warehouses. None of these projects are the same, and all have their own charms. Specific requirements or complicated constructions and solutions to be designed are part of the order of the day for us.

Eye for the future

That automation would be the future was beyond question for us early on. We started our first projects in 2008 because even then the labor market was in decline. In 2022, this problem has only gotten worse. The aging of the employees working in internal logistics and the increasing amount of goods that need to be transported every day means that automation is sometimes even a necessity.

Your questions is our demand

Don't get us wrong: necessity doesn't mean half-assed. As a family business, we are driven by a number of core values. These core values are woven into all our activities. Communication and managing expectations are very important to us. This works both ways. We warn companies early on that support needs to be created within the organization, and that resistance can certainly arise as well. Employees see colleagues being replaced and leaving for other departments, but at the same time they know that there is no other way. This sometimes creates dilemmas.

Implementing AGV solutions is a process with ups and downs. We do not promise golden mountains, but a realistic picture of what lies ahead. We believe that this is where our strength lies. Automation has many good sides, but the implementation can also have unpleasant sides. At the end of the day, we always stand our ground and deliver what we promised. That's how we do our business.

A deal is a deal
For us, this is the basis of doing business. We say what we do, and we do what we say. We always honor our commitments, left or right. Implementation is rarely a smooth process, but we see this as 'part of the job'.

Transparency as the foundation
Knowing where you stand is a nice way to work. We at AGV International love transparency and therefore communicate clearly and honestly. We like to explain the advantages of AGVs as well as the disadvantages. This limits unpleasant surprises.

Everything for the results
Deeds not words.
Sometimes things don't go as planned, then it's back to the drawing board and coming up with a new solution. We continue until the implementation meets the agreements made. Result is what counts.

The power of AGV International

A combination of customization, good service and a down-to-earth mentality does not put us out of business. Customers become long-term partners and also ask us for their next projects. This is very important to us. Returning clients assure us that our way of working pays off, and we are quite proud of that! Are you curious what AGV International can do for your organization? It all starts with a cup of coffee and an honest conversation. Feel free to contact us, the coffee is ready.

"We say what we do, and we do what we say. "

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