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RGV LT 1500L

This brand new RGV series is a rail guided vehicle that brings fully loaded trolleys from an area secured with light screens to a compact area of the warehouse towards the order pickers. In many cases, order pickers in the flower industry walk up to dozens of kilometres a day. Thanks to the LT1500 RGV series, we have been able to reduce this extremely in practice. At the same time, we measure in many analyses that order pickers do up to more than double the number of order picks, measured over the same time.


The safety of the RGV system is one of the most important issues. Because the RGVs run on rails, there are no opportunities for steering errors and we can drive at high speeds. As soon as someone unexpectedly ends up in the moving field, the relevant aisle automatically shuts down. As a result, dangerous situations never arise.

For optimum safety, we have mounted safety scanners on the front and rear of the RGVs. These multi-zone pre-programmed person protectors ensure that the RGV can never cause a collision with a person.
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