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Added value

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AGV International is one of the first AGV providers to develop AGV total solutions for the manufacturing and logistics markets. This extensive experience has led to successful total solutions and significant cost reductions. AGV International is an independent supplier working together with renowned manufacturers and software suppliers. This has its advantages, and these collectively constitute the added value we offer. Below is an overview of all the building blocks that make our AGV solutions successful for you.

Highest possible storage capacity

AGV International helps you achieve the highest possible storage capacity within the maximum available cubic footage. We optimize storage of goods and products with deep inventory by SKU using AGV controlled trucks including automatically controlled shuttles. With this solution, we can turn in and out numerous pallets for you with a minimum number of aisles. Because you can work with a minimum number of operators you will make remarkable savings, and that too 24/7!

Reduction in costs of process!

Where in the past there was talk of investments and of 'cost of ownership', AGV International goes one step further. The goal in realizing any AGV solution is to achieve significant and immediate reduction in your process costs. By applying smarter solutions, process costs are reduced and guaranteed on the basis of established KPIs and SLAs.

Customisation as standard

Are you considering automating your production or logistics process? With every new AGV project, we do a comprehensive AGV site survey of the situation. We visit your site and thoroughly discuss your wishes and objectives. At the same time, we look closely at your situation to identify practical (im)possibilities in advance. In this way, any advice is tailored to the situation and we point out complexities and advantages for your organization. The site survey is followed by a design including a complete report. All influential elements are included. The design seamlessly connects to your internal logistics and/or production environment.

Services and guarantees

An intelligent AGV solution is designed to reduce your overall process costs. That is why we also offer guarantees on the results realized with our AGV solutions. Assurances and transparency tailored to your KPIs. Extensive tests are also carried out before the installation is completed to ensure that the software and vehicles are properly matched. Small deviations are uncovered here if necessary, so that with qualitative testing we get the AGVs 100% reliable.
All benefits

In a nutshell

Easily from A to B

Fully automated warehousing

Dual Drive+ solutions

With our AGVs, you have the entire process faultlessly and completely under control

Our AGVs and associated service are available 24 hours a day

Your process runs smoothly in one go

They do not cause damage to products, racking, machinery and buildings

The system generates a high level of customer satisfaction - reliability

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